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BanglaVoid: Implemented advanced cyber security tools to identify vulnerabilities and protect online assets, as a dedicated partner in the project.

BanglaB: I implemented natural language processing capabilities and Telegram API integration for the bot so that it can conduct research and provide helpful resources to users, using Python on Telegram platform.

Birdfly: As the developer for the intelligent QR code generator, I was responsible for designing and implementing the website. I utilized modern web technologies such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP to build a user-friendly interface for generating QR codes in a variety of styles.

Megh: Built this text formatting tool for Bangla language.

Techrow: This tool was built for anonymous message sharing worldwide. It's not for private messaging. The chat can be deleted by anyone. Sent messages are visible to the universe. No user data are saved. IP addresses are not tracked or stored in any way.